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Friday 15 March 2013

March Festival of the Equinox - Take three!

Here is a third, and final, take on how to contribute to the Festival of the Equinox. Remember ... animal, vegetable, mineral, spiritual, balance, depth of field, one hundred words of text ...

When I was young, I learnt how to 'garden' and how to treasure the peace and calm that 'simply potting about in wellies' brought me. As I age, it is a finely honed skill that cocoons my waking hours. Not that it is easy at the moment, for I am developing a veggie patch, an area of raised garden beds at the front of our new house, which is not only practical, but also sustainable, AND beautiful. I envisage myself, as the next Spring unfolds in the southern hemisphere, sipping a cold chardonnay beneath a pergola, over which tendrils of passionfruit vine hestitantly twine. Enough of the dreaming ... lift that spade, and thrust that fork, woman!

The focus here is upon the metal dragonfly attached to the timber fence on the eastern boundary of my back-garden. In the background looms a hanging frieze of succulents which I am training to tumble from pots. So ... vegetable and mineral, but not really animal.

Join me from this Sunday coming, for the Festival of the Equinox.

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