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Saturday 16 March 2013

Festival of the Equinox

The equinoxes are a period of balance during the journey of the sun from one hemisphere to the other. During the March Equinox, the Southern Hemisphere is entering Autumn, and the Northern Hemisphere is entering Spring.

Endeavour to show this sense of balance by concentrating upon animal, mineral, vegetable, or spiritual [all or any combination]. If you are a photography enthusiast include evidence of 'depth of field' in your image. Accompany your image with approximately 100 words of text responding to your image.

This theme opens at 8pm Sunday 17th March, and closes at 8pm Friday 22nd March. All times given are GMT+11 which is the time in Sydney, Australia.


Kris said...

can't wait to see the first entry!

Julie said...

Folks, I am highlighting each of your contributions on the CDP FaceBook page.

Unknown said...

hello all,

i have posted my image -->

but it was deleted, can i know why?


Julie said...


I deleted it.

I have discussed with you joining the CDP. However, you have not mentioned your city in your blog title, you have not included the logo of CDP, and you have not added any text to talk about the spring equinox in your post.

If you care to reconsider all these requirements, I will reconsider your post.

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