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Wednesday 13 March 2013

March Festival of the Equinox - Take two!

Here is another take on how to contribute to the Festival of the Equinox. Remember ... animal, vegetable, mineral, spiritual, balance, depth of field, one hundred words of text ...

Living in a three generation house, it is easy to see the spiritual nature of the life of the imagination. Personality, and character, flourish when creativity is permitted, indeed, encouraged. Singing and dancing, voice and movement, in a variety of languages, using friends as an audience. The itch to participate must be quelled, the need to direct, to draw conclusions, to learn lessons. Instead just let things flow, and way lead onto way. The camera no longer intrudes, nor influences the main players, The stage is hers. The script is hers. The pleasure is mine.

The focus in the top image is upon Humpty Dumpty from Play School. The focus in the bottom image is upon one of her bears which she has named 'Middle-size'.

Join me from this Sunday coming, for the Festival of the Equinox.


Chrissy Brand said...

I like both of your examples, and looking forward to find a suitable photo myself.

Julie said...

I went out today to create a specific image. Hope to post early my Saturday.

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