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Sunday 9 December 2012

JANUARY - Festival of the Belly Button

Taken 29 June 2008
F4, 1/640, 11mm
Taken 22 Sept 2012
F16, 1/800, ISO=100, 95mm, SWA

In January contributors are encouraged to reflect: to look back; and, to look within. To do some navel gazing.

Over the time since you commenced blogging, how has your photography changed? In this first of four festivals planned for 2013, you are asked to contribute two (2) photographs: a 'then', and a 'now'.

There may be lots of ways in which you have changed, choose the one change that has brought YOU the most personal pleasure, eg you may have started always stuffing up low-light shots, but now you have them nearly every time. Show us one of each, remembering to tell us the date and properties of each (if you shoot Auto, just say Auto). In addition to this photographic data, contribute no more than 100 words of text about the change you have noticed.

The 'Festival of the Belly Button' requires some reflective introspection. You might be most pleased with your transition from the landscape 'snap' to the detailed compositon. Your biggest thrill might be the realisation that a 'good' B&W shot is not just a coloured snap processed in monochrome. Note: the two shots do NOT have to be of the same location or event.

No matter how you reflect upon the changes over time in your photography, show us a 'before' shot and an 'after' shot, together with the properties of each where possible.

The Linky for the Festival of the Belly Button will open at 8pm (Sydney time, which is GMT+11 at the moment) Sunday 13th January, and close at 8pm on Friday 18th January.


Ann said...

This is a terrific idea for a theme day but its going to be hard to choose just one "after".

Julie said...

Ahhh ... self-discipline is required!

One style change.
One before photograph.
One after photograph.
One hundred words max.

It is a challenge. Go for it. I only expect a handful of entries.

Chrissy Brand said...

That's a thought provoking idea- am excited by this one from both my own perspective and to see how others have changed styles too.

Kim said...

What a cool and creative idea, Julie! I like the examples you chose to illustrate it. I think our growth as photographers is a wonderful thing to chronicle and reflect upon. I'm looking forward to seeing people's "navel gazing" shots.

One of the things I have appreciated so much from fellow CDPBloggers is the technical photographic advice and inspiration they have offered. I have loved seeing the personal and artistic growth so many have exhibited and the influence their work has on me and others. I get excited when I see someone really knock an image out of the park, so to speak.

Mark said...

The festival sounds good but I don't understand why there is no Theme Day for January, continuity and stability is everything! Still going to post my favourite picture from 2012 whether there is a meme or not.

Julie said...

That is the way to go, Mark. I know of a couple of others doing that also.

I do not agree that 'continuity and stability (are) everything'. I think renewal and change or important, too.

Virginia said...

I liked Gerald's idea of making a collage of his fav for each month. We'll just see how much time I have for all that and get packed for you know where!

Creative idea. I'll have to give it some thought and self discipline is not in my dictionary so I'll have to behave myself.

BTW, I would love to help with the forum but I"m too challenged by tech expertise and stuff to take that on. I do hope you find some good helpers!

Julie said...

That is okay, VJ. i understand that some are challenged with forums/fora and threads, and moderaters. However, at this stage we have had no offers of support at all through the portal.

Perhaps it is the time of year ...

Gerald (SK14) said...

Julie - it is the time of the year - I don't think anyone is going to offer help for the forum until the holiday season is over - I think it will be difficult anyway (it took me two years to give away a busy active yahoogroup but is now flourishing under new ownership) - hopefully in the new year the forum idea will find a way forward out of the catch22.

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