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Saturday, 24 November 2012

- 'My Street'

There were 81 contributions to the December Theme Day, considerably down on contributions compared with the November Theme Day. However, on the surface there appeared to be more visiting in December than in November, with an average of 18.26 visits per contribution. The two most popular entries were 'Paris through my Lens' (54) and 'Paris and Beyond' (44). Paris DP received only 14 exit clicks, but generated 76 visits who had, presumably, already seen Eric's entry. Fascinating!

T10 for December
54 Paris Through My Lens
44 Paris and Beyond
42 Rotterdam DP
28 Seattle DP
28 Speedway DP
28 Out & About in NYC
28 Toronto DP
27 Sydney Emerald City
26 Nelson DP
26 Gabriola DP


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

The stats are interesting but as your comment on Paris DP reflects the passage via the portal isn't the only way people visit sites. My first visits are nearly always to those who've commented on my own posts.

Julie said...

I was more fascinated by the fixation with Paris. said...

Strange. I had my usual 3 digit visits on 1 December - a few more than usual, but within the limits of standard deviations

Julie said...

JB - can you check for me please how many visits on 1st December came from the portal's theme day page? According to the Linky Stats, your entry had 10 clicks on it. said...

Out of range now -Wordpress only gives higher granularity for a couple of historical days. But that sounds about right. Yesterday's metrics were zero from the portal, 6 via Facebook, a couple via search engines and the rest from subscribers

Julie said...

Golly, only a couple via search-engines. My now-defunct Sydney Eye used to get 75% via search engines, the most popular search being 'young boys' ... :(

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

MainzDP was only referring to visits on very recent pages so not surprising they hadn't got into search engines - older posts will get a lot more visits from search engines. I'm afraid I don't analyse statisics so fastidiously.

Julie said...

I have to monitor stats now, Gerald, they are the lifeblood of the portal, so I am analyzing and comparing wherever I am able.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I'm not criticizing the statistics - just querying some of the conclusions. said...

I'd agree with Gerald.
With all due respect, analysing portal statistics and trying to draw meaningful conclusions from them is akin to looking at the world through a drinking straw - the sample size is known, but its statistical significance is not.
(My "rest" is 3 digit stuff, some themselves on the portal, but mostly from other fields of interest)

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