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Friday, 24 January 2014


February's theme day, albeit late in being announced will proceed as usual, this year with the theme "Entry".  As usual, the Linky Page will be open for posting within a few hours of the first of the month and will remain open for a day or two thereafter.

The theme for March will be "People on the Street" and for April "Triangles".

Thanks for your patience, I trust the late announcement will have done little more than given you all a greater challenge!


Jack said...

Thanks, Peter. I have my entry "in the can." I appreciate the work you do to keep this portal up and running!

Kate said...

Yes, Peter, many thanks for your efforts to keep us together on CDP. Hope all is well in your world!

VP said...

Thanks, Peter!

bitingmidge said...

Thanks for all of your support too folks.. without it I'd be lost!

Tamera said...

Peter, thanks for all you do! I'm looking forward to seeing all the "entry" interpretations!

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