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Sunday 7 April 2013

Pedestrians crossing - A summary

Raf, Omaha Lens, USA

The first of the month Theme Day has been and gone, and here are the statistics for the April theme, 'Pedestrians crossing'
Number of contributions - 95
Total number of visits to the contributions - 1,715
Average number of visits - 18.24
All these stats are provided by the Linky.

Here are the community favourites based on the Linky exit clicks
49 - Ciel, Versailles, France
40 - Tamera, Colorado Springs, USA
38 - Jim, Sydney, Australia
37 - Jack, Hartford, USA
36 - Peter, Tilburg, The Netherlands
34 - Joe, Melbourne, Australia
33 - Steffe, Haninge, Sweden
31 - Julie, Sydney, Australia
30 - Birdman, Port City, USA
28 - Jo, Sydney, Australia
So the earlier you link your contribution, the more visitors you receive. That is logical. However, what is not logical is that there is an abundance of Australian entries in this top ten. I shall have to work out a solution that is fairer on everyone, like moving the Linky start time to Midday GMT. I shall ponder on't!

I am astounded! Only one entry in the community favourites is from France, How quizzical is that!

This post is top and tailed by my personal favourites for the April Theme Day. Thank you to all 95 of you for participating.

Barbara, Trieste, Italy


Kate said...

Thank you for the information; I think that theme day is really taking off. . .seems that there have been more entries?

Virginia said...

Thanks Julie!

Julie said...

Yes, Kate, the interactions with Theme Day are deepening, while at the same time convincing other members to dip their toe in the water.

It has a lot to do with the type of theme. It must be a month by month mix of populism and challenge.

The reaction of members is very encouraging.

cieldequimper said...

I don't believe it! :-)

Thanks Julie!

sfrisolo said...


Julie said...

My pleasure ...

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