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Friday 19 April 2013

GALLERY: Saint George's Day

No doubt many of you will know the reference to Shakespeare's "Henry V".

Saint George's Day is a quasi-National Day, and as such, many self-serving groups have endeavoured to hijack it to their own purposes. The City Daily Photo portal does not see its role as taking sides in this. You are welcome to post on your ideas on this day, your ideas on National Days and their value, even your favourite footie team. We have a Saint George here in Sydney!

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Kris said...

nothing for Anzac day?

Julie said...

Hah! Well thought about, Kris, but no. Definitely no. CDP is not just Australian, and if I had a day for fallen Aussie and NZ soldiers, I would have to widen it to the entire world. And that would be a can of worms to open.

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