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Monday 11 February 2013

National Days - Getting the word out!

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Our second National Day here on the CDP portal was a disappointment. There was, however, an upside! Doing this job, one must be a firm believer in the possibility of an "upside".

The disappointment was that the theme attracted not one entry from a resident NZ CDP member.

The upside was that the theme attracted 11 entries, one a NZ ex-pat. Here are the heroic members, whose support I treasure:
Jo from Sydney, Australia
Dina from Jerusalem, Israel
Rafael from Vallodolid, Spain
Ann from Sydney, Australia
Lulu from Princeton, USA
Ciel from Versailles, France
Adelheid from Oslo, Norway
JB from Mainz, Germany
Peter from Sydney, Australia (with two entries!), and
Jose from Lisbon, Portugal.
To publicise each Theme Day, I write an item here on the portal, I link that item to the CDP FB page, and I email each member whose email address I have collected from the Theme Day Linky process (not all emails provided are valid). If you have thoughts as to other methods I can use to get the word out about an upcoming theme, I would be delighted to hear from you. My address is julieostorry[at]gmail[dot]com.

Stats on the Waitangi Day theme are:
Number of entries - 11
Total number of hits on the entire Linky - 78
Average number of hits per entry - 7
Number of hits on the portal post for the theme - 131


Kate said...

Because this is a relatively new feature it will probably take awhile for it to catch on; hope springs eternal!

Julie said...

Yes, I agree, Kate. Thanks for the support. It all depends, too, upon the country chosen and how close to a previous Theme Day it is. I have my thinking cap on for ways to structure 2014 already.

Jack said...

Another possibility is that the CDP participants just are not interested in another theme day beyond the monthly theme day. The regular theme day uses up only one day out of 30 +/-, but adding a second takes away freedom on one out of 15 +/-.

Julie said...

Jack, the majority of members are not interested in the First of the Month Theme Day, that alone two per month.

However, a very high proportion of our 'active' members participate in a range of photographic memes, from fences, to skies, to alphabets, to bridges, to reflections. And these occur weekly.

I will continue to adjust the mix until I find a balance that seems to satisfy the various groupings.

Or until I run out of puff ...

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