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Tuesday 5 February 2013

National Day (2) - Waitangi Day (NZ)

Geez! I hope I get this right.

Waitangi Day is New Zealand's 'national day'. Both the day, and its name, have had a chequered history. However, it commemorates the day in 1840 upon which the British settlers 'agreed' with the indigenous Maori, to found a new British dependency and to call it New Zealand. The Maori were compensated for their land and received full British citizenship. How different from the less auspicious start to my own nation across the ditch.

I will leave it up to the strong New Zealand contingent of City Daily Photo bloggers to put right what I have clumsily expressed and to fill in all my gaping holes.

Note: The image is of Bondi, where I once lived, and which has a large proportion of NZ expats. Indeed, it is rumoured to be the area in the world with the largest population of 'Kiwis'.


Kate said...

I have never been to NZ, much to my regret but I have two questions. Was the compensation you mentioned a fair one? and what is the origin of the word "kiwi?" Does anyone visiting this post know? Many thanks!

Dina said...

All this is good to know.
Thanks, Julie.

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