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Monday 7 January 2013

Festival of the Belly Button

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Festival Linky open from 8PM Sunday 13th January (GMT+11)
One image before
One image after
One hundred words

In our first Festival for 2013, contributors are encouraged to reflect: to look back; and, to look within. To do some navel gazing. The 'Festival of the Belly Button' requires some reflective introspection.

How has your photography changed? You are asked to contribute two (2) photographs: a 'then', and a 'now'.

Choose the one change that has brought YOU the most personal pleasure,
you may have always mucked up low-light shots, but now you can make them;
you may have finally got the hang of depth of field;
You may have transitioned from the landscape 'snap' to the detailed composition;
You may have realised that a 'good' B&W shot is not just a coloured snap processed in monochrome.
Note: the two shots do NOT have to be of the same location or event.

No matter how you reflect upon the changes over time in your photography, show us a 'before' shot and an 'after' shot, the properties of each where possible, and about one hundred words of explanatory text.


Jim said...

Good idea for a theme. Just posted mine. :)

Gerald (SK14) said...

Despite feeling a bit dubious about this idea at first, I've actually done a second post that I feel fits the theme.

Julie said...

Jim and Gerald: I think it helps to understand what I was getting at when you visit some of the contributions that members have made. There is some really good reflection and ideas going on within the community. Just a shame that such a massive majority simply never visit the portal at all, and hence miss out.

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