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Thursday 29 January 2015


If you had to leave forever the city from which you usually post, what would you miss most?  Would it be a food, a place or a craft?  Maybe it would be a person, or perhaps a custom.  Start thinking . . . !

The February theme was suggested by Pat, a.k.a. Bibi, from A Yankee in Belgrade.  A retired language professor, Pat has lived in Europe more than she has lived in the USA, her home country; seven years in France and 37 in Belgrade.  Pat discovered City Daily Photo more than seven years ago while searching for some Paris information for a friend.  She came across Paris Daily Photo.

The seed was planted and she started her blog in March 2008.  Pat takes her camera literally everywhere she goes.  On the rare occasions that she doesn't, of course she sees the Photo of the Century . . . .  

Though Pat often grumbles about some aspects of life in Serbia, she would miss many things about Belgrade should she have to go.  One of them is the Romi, or gypsies, as they are frequently called.  Pat is continually fascinated by their spirit, ingenuity, love of life, and friendliness, despite the hardships they face daily.  This photo shows two paper collectors in a vehicle they've put together themselves.


Anonymous said...

Great prompt. I'll have to start thinking.

Julie said...

Thank you for hosting, Peter. I have sent you an email about the length of time you have left the Linky open for ...

Jane Hards Photography said...

Thank you Bibi/Pat for the choice for this Theme Day. It made me actually think about the place I blog from and what it means to me.

Julie said...

Umm ... yes ... 29 days should do it!

Uppal said...

I's disappointed as the link did not help me.

bitingmidge said...

Uppal - can you please explain what the problem was that you had?

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