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Saturday 9 March 2013

March Festival of the Equinox

'Sky Mirror' by Anish Kapoor, installed in the forecourt of the Museum of Contempory Art, Sydney Cove.

The next City Daily Photo theme is another challenging mid-month theme, 'Festival of the Equinox'.

The reasoning behind a theme based on the equinox was to pick a theme that applied equally to members in the Southern Hemisphere AND the Northern Hemisphere. The equinox is a time of 'balance' in the earth's journey around the sun. Our community straddles the hemispheres. We are entering either Autumn or Spring.

Your task. should you choose to accept it, is to
  • explore any aspect of the balance of animal, vegetable, mineral, and/or spiritual in your natural environment [all four, or any combination];

  • incorporate 'depth of field' into your response, if technical aspects of photography are your passion; and

  • explain, in about 100 words, your personal response to the equinox.

The linky will open at 8pm Sunday 17th March, and remain open until 8pm Friday 22nd March.

Remember, all City Daily Photo themes are completely voluntary. I have no idea how many members may choose to partcipate. I might be the only one, or there may be ten of us. It is all a learning curve for me.

Anish Kapoor's 'Sky Mirror' is the obverse of what I have selected as this, my first contribution to the 'Festival of the Equinox'. A mirror is but a myriad grains of sand, reflecting back what it 'sees'. The cutting of the glass in this mirror, has enabled me to totally disappear into the bowels of the mirror, even though I am standing in the centre of the doorway to the old MCA. Like sand through an hour-glass, so is this day of my life.

Here is Kapoor's mirror, reflecting the sky.

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