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Wednesday 20 February 2013

March Theme Day - Cafe Chairs

The March Theme Day is upon us in just one week.

Do you have your contribution ready to post for the theme 'Cafe Chairs'? It was a runaway winner in the poll of members, and I am looking forward to some stunning contributions, especially the detailed closeups.

My 'teaser' image was NOT taken in Paris, but in Ash Street, just off Martin Place, in Sydney, Australia.

Let's see if each of us, whether we live in a village, a town, or a city, can give Paris a run for its money as the 'cafe chair' capital of the world!


Daryl said...

looking forward to picking up the gauntlet and showing how NYC seats it cafe guests .. :)

Julie said...

Love your spirit, Daryl! Go out and track 'em down!

MurciaDailyPhoto said...

I'll try to be competitive to be on top of podium. ;-)

Julie said...

Ilook forward to your post, Usu.

Barbara/myth maker said...

Do you have a widget where one can link to their photo/blog? Thank you.

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