Friday, 29 September 2017

October Theme Day Gallery - SENSUAL

OK, last month's theme of "Photographing the Photographer" was easy.  Maybe this month's theme will be hard.  "Sensual!"  How will you illustrate that theme?  Will you be funny?  Will you be modest?  Will you be R-rated or even X-rated?  City Daily Photo does not employ any censors, though maybe your blog host does.  We look forward to seeing the results of your artistic eye and your creativity.

This statue is Artemis by Bela Lyon Pratt, displayed in the New Britain Museum of American Art in Connecticut. 

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  1. you are right. this one is not easy. I am curious to see other participants' contributions. have a nice weekend.

  2. It should be great. I'm having trouble finding where to post mine.

  3. me too. the pictures have vanished for now.