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Sunday 5 May 2013

National Day [4] - Norwegian Constitution Day [the 17th]

Friday 17th May is 'Constitution Day' for Norway, the day in 1814 that Norway was recognised as a separate nation state from Sweden. Most Norwegians refer to the day simply as 'the 17th'. If your ancestors hail from Norway, or if you hold Norway close to your heart, join us by linking a post in celebration.

We have a few City Daily Photo members who blog about a Norwegian city, namely
'Tanty' is also from Stavangar, but unfortunately the blog has been dormant since November 2012.
Lothiane's Oslo blog has been dormant since July 2011.

If I have omitted to list anyone, please jog my memory.

The linky for Norway's Constitution Day will open at 8pm on 16th May, and remain open for 3 days. The time-zone for this theme is GMT-5 which puts my clock about New York or a little further west.

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