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Thursday 30 May 2013

JUNE GALLERY - The beauty of decay

This month's theme, 'The beauty of decay', is dedicated, in appreciation, to our friend, José Mendonça (JM), our blogger from Oeiras, Portugal. José has long been providing us with exquisite images of decayed buildings, which take the breath away.

*** Decay XXXI ****** Decay LXXX ****** Decay LXXXII *****

There are a myriad of directions possible to take this theme, one of which could be fungi or moss growing on rotting wood with which I top and tail this post.

Remember, that I am varying the starting time, in an endeavour to make it member-friendly for each of us, at least some of the time. For June, the time zone used will be GMT-10 which places us somewhere close to Honolulu. As usual, the linky will open at 8pm, this time on Friday 31st May, and close at 8pm five days later, on Wednesday 5th June. For your guide here is that time in other zones:
  • 8pm Friday 31st May in Honolulu (GMT-10), is the same as
  • 1am Saturday 1st June in New York (GMT-5), is the same as
  • 6am Saturday 1st June in London (GMT), is the same as
  • 11am Saturday 1st June in Kararchi (GMT+5), is the same as
  • 4pm Saturday 1st June in Sydney (GMT+10).
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Jim said...

I was here to link my theme day post. Didn't realise it was going to open so late in the day this month. No worries. :)

Julie said...

sharing it 'round ...

Kris said...

am early to the party! no one was has linked awhile ago

Tanya Breese said...

can't believe i was first...i'm never first to anything!

Julie said...

Sharing 'round works, hey?

Francesco Miranda said...

Finally, after a long time, I can take it back to a theme day ...

Jo said...

I must say I enjoyed the time difference, for me it made it easier to get around. :)
Thanks Julie

Julie said...


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